Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Adventures on the way to Kansas City.

It has been exciting around here. To say the least. Like I mentioned, I was in a car accident a couple of weeks ago and the car was totaled. I'm still shaken up about people stopping short in front of me but I'm ok. So we spent the last two weeks looking for a car because we knew the other car was going to be going to the NGS conference in Kansas City with Kim this week. At long last we found the right car and it is being transfered up from Vegas.

Meanwhile, Kim got out in the middle of WY yesterday and the other car started acting up. By the grace of God, he made it to his hotel in Lincoln and the (second!) car died in the parking lot. Luckily he had all day today to get from Lincoln to Kansas City (about 4 hours) so he spent the morning having the fuel pump replaced. Unbelieveably, the garage had wireless so he could get some work done. Really, you couldn't have planned it better. He made it to Kansas City with time to spare.

So things are looking up. My new car will be here tomorrow, and Kim is ready to go for the NGS Conference in Kansas City. Fate must have something really wonderful planned for this conference because that is usually when we run into obstacles like this. It always works out though. That is the serendipity we all run in to in Family History. I'll let you know what Kim reports from the conference.

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