Friday, May 2, 2008

A confession

Warning: short mind dump.

My blog says that I'm a genealogy chart printing expert. I really need to clarify.

I'm really not the printing expert around here. In fact, quite often I think our printers are controled by an evil maniac on an island somewhere with a remote control trying to ruin my day.
Luckily we have Kim. He is the real expert. He can do anything. It is really alot more complicated than you would think to get something to print out 150 feet long, or even 2 feet long. Plotters don't work like regular printers. I have learned alot about charts, but he is the amazing print director. We would be sunk with out him getting everything to print right. He has been able to teach other people around here how to do it, but not me. I don't think I want to learn.

Just want to make sure the right person gets the credit. I've become a chart expert. But I'm not a chart printing expert.

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