Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Un-du and pictures

I received a wonderfully considerate e-mail from Jim Moses about my NGS Magazine article this week. He had a great suggestion.

In the article I talk about the magnetic scrapbooks that all of my mother's life's pictures are in. Not only can we not get the pictures out, the stripes from the glue are showing through many of the pictures. I mention in the article that some have had success with heating the glue with blow dryers (yikes) or dental floss but that neither of those methods worked for us.

Jim suggested that I use Un-du. He said he had had success with it. I have used Un-du extensively, especially for getting price tags off books. When used on paper, I find it can leave an oily residue. But, considering that we are losing my Mom's pictures anyway I think I will give it a try. We have already digitized everything we wanted out of the scrapbooks. But digitizing isn't the same as the actual photo, even damaged. I'll let you know how it goes.

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