Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Growing an ancestor garden.

The lilacs are in bloom here, and I can't help but spend time thinking about my Grandmother Dana. Her favorite flower was the Lilac, and she would often try to visit us when they were in bloom because they didn't grow well where she lived. We would bring big armfulls into the house and arrange them in huge bouquets, even on the years she wasn't able to visit. Later, when my grandparents moved closer to us, they planted a large hedge of lilacs, and my Grandfather taught me about the different varieties and which were valued for smell, looks and etc. Of course, as I have been on my own, I have always brought big bouquets into the house too. The sweetness of those memories have made them my favorite flowers too. I planted one where we live now in honor of Grandma Dana.

We have planted crocuses for my Mother, Impatiens for Kim's mother, Rose bushes for my Grandmother Carpenter, Hollyhocks for Grandmother Schwendiman, Tiger Lillies for Grandma Anderson, and Violas for Nama (Grandmother Romney). My honor for these women for the great legacy they have left me is woven into many areas of my life and even my landscaping. And the love, work ethic, and patience they have taught me is often stretched in my gardening abilities.

Sunday evening we went with my sisters and parents to Grandma and Grandpa Dana's grave for Memorial day. I brought a big bucket of lilacs. My sister had brought another bucket from her bush too. It was a beautiful evening as the sun was starting to set in the large cemetery. It was busy for the weekend, almost crowded. But there were lots of family groups there gathered together and honoring their ancestors. With the multitudes of flowers everywhere, it was just heavenly. Hope you had a good weekend too.

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Gmama4 said...

I have enjoyed reading your article about plant and memories and the honor of our ancestors.
Itoo have special plants to honor those I loved and remember so well.
I will go and do a scrapbook page on these flowers of love.
Thanks for making the memory so vivid.